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Mauritzon, Inc.
We stock three strand rope in manila, nylon, polypropylene and magnus life-line. All are available in 600 ft and 1200 ft coils. MAXIMUM WORKING LOADS: are for rope in good condition with appropriate splices in noncritical applications, and under normal service conditions. Working loads should be reduced where life, limb, valuable property are involved, or for exceptional service conditions such as shock loads, sustained loads, etc.

NYLON : High elasticity allows absorption of shock loads which would break other types of rope. Nylon is resistant to rot, oils, gasoline, grease, marine growth or most chemicals. High abrasion resistance.
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Item #

Item Name



Linear Density

RN-0250 N/A Nylon Ropes N/A 1/4 in N/A 3/4 in N/A 1.50 lb/100ft
RN-0375 N/A Nylon Ropes N/A 3/8 in N/A 1-1/8 in N/A 3.50 lb/100ft
RN-0500 N/A Nylon Ropes N/A 1/2 in N/A 1-1/2 in N/A 6.50 lb/100ft
RN-0625 N/A Nylon Ropes N/A 5/8 in N/A 2 in N/A 10.5 lb/100ft
RN-0750 N/A Nylon Ropes N/A 3/4 in N/A 2-1/4 in N/A 14.5 lb/100ft
RN-0875 N/A Nylon Ropes N/A 7/8 in N/A 2-3/4 in N/A 20.0 lb/100ft
RN-1000 N/A Nylon Ropes N/A 1 in N/A 3 in N/A 26.4 lb/100ft
RN-1250 N/A Nylon Ropes N/A 1-1/4 in N/A 3-3/4 in N/A 40.0 lb/100ft
RN-1500 N/A Nylon Ropes N/A 1-1/2 in N/A 4-1/2 in N/A 55.0 lb/100ft
RN-2000 N/A Nylon Ropes N/A 2 in N/A 6 in N/A 95.0 lb/100ft
1 - 10 of 10 | Results Per Page | View | Unit of Measure