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Mauritzon, Inc.
The 11oz Anti-Static, fire retardant vinyl laminated tarp is made of a polyester scrim and vinyl coating which is approved by the California Fire Marshal and complying with NFPA-701.
Unit of Measure



N/A 61 in


N/A Average 11 oz/yd² (Requirement 11± 2.0)

Cold Crack

N/A Pass

Mullen Burst

N/A Average 385 lb (Requirement >275 lb)

Mullen Hydrostate

N/A Average 354 psi (Requirement >275 psi)


N/A Average 8.5 lb/in (Requirement >6 lb/in)

Abrasion (S1)

N/A Average 250 (Requirement >200)

Abrasion (S2)

N/A Average 75 (Requirement >50)

Surface Resistivity at 10 Volts (S1, 2)

N/A Average 6.5 x 1010 (Requirement 1 E 12 ohms per sq. max)

Tongue Tear Warp

N/A Average 62 lb (Requirement >30 lb)

Tongue Tear Fill

N/A Average 54 lb (Requirement >30 lb)

Grab Tensile Warp

N/A Average 217 lb (Requirement >175 x 150 lb)

Grab Tensile Fill

N/A Average 184 lb (Requirement >175 x 150 lb)

Smoke Resistance

N/A Complies with ASTM E-84 Class 1”A” rating

Flame Resistance

N/A Complies with NFPA 701, Small Scale


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