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Mauritzon, Inc.
Used for sewing high temperature fabrics. Balanced construction of very fine (BETS) continuous filament fiberglass yarns of "E" electrical composition.

The flexible high twist thread is coated with 14-18% PTFE for improved sewability and increased abrasion resistance. Can be used safely at -350ºF to +550ºF. Melts at 620ºF.

Standard Put-Up: Approx 1 Pound Tubes.

Meets MIL-C 20079 H-Type III, Class 3 & ASTMD 4030-89
Unit of Measure



N/A 32 oz

Trade Size

N/A #144

Yarn/U.S. System

N/A BC-6/ECBC 150 2/2 9.6Z


N/A 0.017 in

Approx. Yield

N/A 2000 yd/lb


N/A 4.49 %


N/A 18 gm/den

Min. Break Strength

N/A 24 lb

Ave. Break Strength

N/A 8.8 lb

Ave. Knot Strength

N/A 1915 lb