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Mauritzon, Inc.
5mil Economical 2-Sided Reinforced Poly

Ideal for light weight, economical covers and wrapping pallets. White side can be used to have messages written on with marker.

TS5000 Black/White 5mil Reinforced Polyethylene

Unit of Measure



N/A 60 in


N/A 5 mil


N/A Black/White

Tape Color

N/A Clear Tapes

Material Test Results


N/A Nominal 7x 3 tapes/inch


N/A 950 x 1200


N/A 3.0 oz/yd²
Grab Tensile Warp1 N/A 100 lb
Grab Tensile Weft2 N/A 60 lb
Tongue Tear Warp3 N/A 43 lb
Tongue Tear Weft4 N/A 25 lb
Mullen Burst5 N/A 155 psi

Coating Thickness

N/A 1.2 mil average, two sides

Accelerated Weathering/UV

N/A UV Stabilizers added for outdoor usage

Scrim Type

N/A Clear Tapes
  • 1 ASTM D751 Method A
  • 2 ASTM D751 Method A
  • 3 ASTM D4533
  • 4 ASTM D4533
  • 5 ASTM D751