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Mauritzon, Inc.
Mauritzon Vinyl Strip and Sheet are registered as flame resistant by the California Fire Marshall.
  • Low Temperature Strip: Suitable for use in freezers and exterior applications. Available in smooth or ribbed. Good to -30º F.
  • Extra-Low Temperature Strip: Use in freezers operating at room temperatures as low as -60º F.
  • Black Opaque Strip: Use with conveyor systems and other applications where restricted visibility is required.
Unit of Measure



N/A 0.120 in


N/A 48 in


N/A 90 ft/roll


N/A Clear


N/A Sheet

Recommended Size of Strips to be Used in Installation of Doors

N/A Doors to 8' H - Use 8" Strips
Doors to 14' H - Use 12" Strips
Doors to 20' H - Use 16" Strips
Doors over 20' H - Use reinforced 16" Strips