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Mauritzon, Inc.
  • Standard C Track Slider

    Securing Loads Takes a Turn for the Better

    With its innovative, patented gear-drive, Ancra’s new EZ Torque Winch secures any flatbed load with a few turns of an easy-to-use, 6-inch handle. The tested, proven EZ Torque Winch requires just one-third of the force needed to torque-tighten a winch strap, and can achieve 1,500 pounds of strap tension quickly and safely. Made from long-lasting zinc-plated steel and covered by a one-year full warranty, EZ Torque takes the work out of securing any size load, by any size operator. No more pumping a 34" winch bar.

    EZ Torque Winch makes securing loads easy and convenient:

    • Patented gear-drive eliminates the need for a winch bar.
    • Enables almost anyone to tighten a winch strap on any size load safely and quickly.
    • Tested with thousands of tensioning cycles to simulate 10 years of mechanical use.
    • Faster load-securing lowers operating costs.
    • Available in slider models to fit virtually any flatbed application. Custom models may be available on request.
    • An anti-reverse mechanism holds tension, even when handle is removed.

  • Winches

    With Ancra’s SilverCap® Ratcheting Winch, you don’t have to remove the winch bar until the load is secure, saving you time and preventing bar slippage or kick-back. Functioning just like a ratchet winch, the Silver Cap makes perfect sense. Available in weld-on, slider or portable mount models and zinc or powder coated to resist rust and corrosion. Right hand models are standard. Left hand available on special order. All comply with DOT and California CHP regulations, WSTDA-T3 and Canadian Standard 905.

  • Silver Cap® Overdrive™ Ratcheting Cap

    Ancra’s OverDrive™ is the easy upgrade for welded-on winches and winches too new to replace. With a ratcheting winch, you work faster and safer because the winch bar stays in the winch until the strap is tight. To install on any existing winch:

    1. Simply slide the OverDrive unit over the cap of the old winch,
    2. Spin it in place and
    3. Secure it with the bolt. It’s that simple. All necessary parts are included.

  • Ancra Winches

    When load securement is vital in your flatbed fleet, you can depend on Ancra winches. They comply with all DOT and California CHP regulations. They also comply with WSTDA-T3 and meet Canadian Standard 905. Made with different base configurations to suit your various load requirements for flatbed applications, Ancra winches also feature seamless solid-steel mandrels, high-strength alloy pawl pins and powder coatings to resist abrasion and rust.

  • Lashing Winch with double hex drive (A-47640-30)

    The lashing winch with double hex drive can be bolted or welded to the trailer like that of a standard, yet offers the quick release and easy operation of a ratchet buckle.

  • End Mount Right Hand Cable Winch (A-41696-10, A-41696-11)

    For cable applications, Ancra offers these popular models. Your cable selection must be consistent with your cable manufacturer’s safe working load ratings.

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