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Mauritzon, Inc.
  • Press-N-Snap Hand Tools

    A versatile and easy-to-use system for setting snaps and grommets (regular and self-piercing) in sizes from 0-2 through the simple change of a die. The lightweight and durable Press-N-Snap Tool is manufactured from heat-treated cast-aluminum.

  • Grommet Inserting Dies

    Made to U.S. Government specifications. Manufactured from drop forged Steel.

    For Grommets with Plain Washers, Tooth Washers, Setting Spurs or Conical Points.

  • Grommet Hole Cutters

    Cutting punch used in conjunction with setting dies to cut the correct size hole in which to insert the grommet. Manufactured from drop forged steel.

  • C-4 Cutters for Punching Holes in Material

    For common sense 4-prong (female) fasteners.

  • Screw Drivers for Common Sense Fasteners

    Screw drivers for common sense fasteners.

  • #5 Rawhide Mallets

    For use with grommet dies where a cushioned blow is desired.