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Mauritzon, Inc.
  • Rubber Tie-Downs & Shock Cords

    EPDM-molded rubber straps for fastening tarpaulins or similar products and for securing various loads. Length based on rubber only.

    Specifications for “S” Hooks:
    0.172 diameter, C-1019 silicone-kilined hard temper galvanized wire, dry wax coated to protect from rust.

    Wear eye and head protection during tie-downs and disconnects. Sudden unhooking can cause serious injury. Straps should not be stretched more than 50% their original length; check straps for stated safe maximum stretch. Inspect straps before each use. Straps should be discarded if abraded, cut or cracked. Straps should not be substituted as the primary tie-down method for the load.

  • Polyester Shock Cord

    Synthetic rubber cord designed to remain flexible and provide dependable elasticity when needed.