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Mauritzon, Inc.
  • TTS-10HUV-04 73 inch Wide Reinforced Polyethylene Fabric

    TS-10HUV consists of two sheets of high-strength polyethylene film laminated together with a third layer of molten polyethylene. A heavy-duty scrim reinforcement placed between these plies greatly enhances tear-resistance and increases service life. Heavy-duty diamond reinforcement responds to tears immediately by surrounding and stopping the tear.

    TS-10HUV is used in applications that require good outdoor life and demand high puncture and tear strengths. The two outer layers of TS-10HUV contain high concentrations of UV inhibitors and thermal stabilizers to assure added outdoor life up to approximately two years.

  • Woven, Medium Duty Reinforced Polyethylene Panels

    This 6 mil thick poly panel is ideal for medium to light duty applications where a water proof economical cover is needed. With the added strength of woven yarns, this is a great item for building enclosures. Allows light transmission and can be clamped to scaffolding. Also available in flame retardant (FR). Non-FR color is translucent & FR color is off-white (pale yellow).

  • Non-Reinforced Polyethylene Sheetings

    Full weight plastic sheeting. Meets most building code specs that require full 4 mil and 6 mil thick sheeting in building construction. Complies with ASTMD-4397, NBS PS17-69 and National Bureau of Standard Handbooks 130 and 133. Color: Clear (slightly milky white) (Black Polyethylene also available)

  • Reinforced Poly Repair Tapes

    An extremely strong and durable, 8.6 mil woven polyethylene fabric coated with a hightack, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive system. Formulated to bond to polyethylene even at temperatures as low as -25ºF. High temperature resistance to 225ºF. Invaluable as an accessory to or TS-12000 fabric. Ideal for onsite repairs, seam sections or for reinforcing critical points. 2 3/4" wide x 20 yards. Packaged 16 to a case.

  • TS-5000 Black/White Economical Reinforced Polywrap Fabrics

    5mil Economical 2-Sided Reinforced Poly

    Ideal for light weight, economical covers and wrapping pallets. White side can be used to have messages written on with marker.

  • TS-8000 Translucent Reinforced Polyethylene Fabrics

    Our light weight, economical reinforced poly has great resistance to UV and cold while maintaining excellent tear strength.

  • TS-10000 & TS-10000-04 Economical Reinforced Polyethylene Fabrics (Blue)

    10mil Economical Reinforced Poly.
    Blue or white. Weight: 5.2 oz per square yard.

  • TS-12000 Reinforced Polyethylene Fabrics

    6.3 oz per square yard. High-density 16000 denier, 2 mil thick, strong and durable fabric for heavy duty applications. Ideal for land fill, soil erosion and reclamation.

    Highly effective for salt pile, dirt, swimming pool, equipment, flea market, and boat storage covers as well as economical field covers and portable canopy covers. High ultraviolet inhibitors. Available in 72" and 144" widths.

  • TS-12000 Fire Retardant Reinforced Polyethylene Fabrics

    12mil Premium flame retardant coated fabric for industrial, construction and mining applications. Available in width up to 144".

  • TS-20000 Reinforced Polyethylene Fabrics (Translucent)

    Our super strong, high ultra-violet resistant reinforced poly is fabulous for small structures, car ports, wind breaks, etc. Great cold crack resistance make this an ideal protective outdoor cover.

  • TS-20000 Fire Retardant Reinforced Polyethylene Fabrics

    RU88X-6 Fire Retardant with Armorkote™

    Flame Retardant version of our super strong, high ultra-violet resistant reinforced poly is fabulous for indoor or outdoor applications. Great cold crack resistance make this an ideal protective outdoor cover & Flame retardant to NFPA 701 & CSFM spec make it suitable for indoor use.

    This product meets the requirements of:

    • NFPA-701(1989) Large Scale; CAN/ULC S-109-M87 (Large Scale), and ASTM E84(Class 1).