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Mauritzon, Inc.
  • Logistic Tracks

    The Right Track
    Ancra Series E, A and F Track were designed to team with Ancra end fittings, Beam Sockets and Decking and Shoring Beams for the strongest, most reliable support. Steel constructed and tested for strength, Ancra Track comes in 10 ft. (3 m) lengths for a wide range of cargo restraint applications. To withstand corrosion, Ancra galvanized track has a G-90 hot dip finish with a surface chemical treatment. Painted track are finished with either high-quality, powder coat or semi-gloss enamel. Custom lengths and special finishes available, contact customer service.

  • Aluminum Standard Cargo STA® - 2 (A-43782-15)
  • Heavy-Duty One-piece Galvanized (A-49205-26)

    Jack Bars feature 4” x 4” bolt-on feet assemblies and are designed for use in light- to medium-duty cargo applications. They feature 1-1/2” square heavy-gauge, galvanized steel tubing with a cycle tested, heavy-duty automotive jack assembly. All jack bars can be assembled with welded hoops or in 2- or 3-piece models.
    CAUTION: Because trailer sidewalls vary, the Cargo Sta® and Jack Bars load capacities are not available.

  • Series E and A rope Tie Off (A40386-10)



    A Convenient Way To Attach Rope Or Web To Trailer Side Wall

  • Custom Nets


    Designed for your particular van application, Ancra custom nets offer retention support for various sized and shaped packages. Using strong 1" or 2" webbing, they’re individually tailored to fit your van and loading condition, assuring maximum effectiveness in transporting a load securely.

    Interior van straps should be inserted in track 18- to 24-inches behind the front edge of the load and cinched tight.