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Mauritzon, Inc.
  • Woven Adhesive Tapes

    Use as a wrap for water and steam piping. To protect hydraulic lines and as lagging and electrical insulation.

  • Braided Tubings

    Braided Tubing protect hose and lines in highly abrasive environments. Cable and wire insulation. Sizes shown are smallest diameter accommodated by sleeve. Typically these sleeves expand to accommodate up to 1/4" beyond minimum.

  • Twisted and Braided Ropes

    For use as coke oven door seals, expansion join packing in furnaces and boilers. Furnace door insulation and seals.

  • Tadpole Packing

    For caulking or filling expansion joints, and for door and plate seals and gaskets in boilers and furnaces.

  • Bolt Hole Tapes

    Applications include; boiler gaskets, flange gaskets and bubble tray gasketing in oil refineries.

  • Rewettable Tape & Fabrics

    Fabric and tapes are impregnated throughout with an inorganic adhesive which is dispersible in water developed for pip lagging, joints and valves.