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Mauritzon, Inc.
  • Silicone Coated Fiberglass High Temperature Fabrics

    Red Silicone Fiberglass is base fabric meeting military specification Mil-Y-1140C which has been impregnated with our specially formulated silicone rubber compound. It provides greater abrasion puncture and tear resistance to our base fiberglass fabric. This heavy-duty silicone impregnated fiberglass fabric provides greater life, water and oil repellancy than uncoated fabrics while providing low smoke and flame retardancy.

  • Acrylic Coated Fiberglass High Temperature Fabrics

    Salmon Colored

    Economical, coated fiberglass welding material. The high visibility, incombustible fabric can be used for vertical curtain applications, sparks and spray containment, grinding shields, arc flash barriers and as a fire retardant weather barrier. Available in 17 oz. for light duty. Color: Salmon.

  • Beige Insul-Shield Heat Treated Fiberglass Fabrics

    Lightweight lagging fabric developed for insulation pads, pipe lagging, safety barriers, safety curtains, garments and protective shields. Resists most acids, alkalies and solvents, with the exception of hydroluoric acid and corrosive environments at elevated temperatures. Color: Beige.

  • White Insul-Shield High Temperature Fabrics

    This medium weight fiberglass welding blanket & curtain offers superior abrasion resistance then 18 oz. fiberglass. These blankets resist most acids, alkalies and solvents and withstands continuous temperatures at 1100 deg. Ideal for high temp applications that have high sparking and medium splatter. Available in 24 oz. for medium duty, 35 oz. and 64 oz. for extra heavy duty. Color: White.

  • Black Slag Shed Welding Blanket & Curtain Material

    Fiberglass Based Material

    23 oz. Black Slag is coated with a proprietary coating. The base fabric is manufactured using highly texturized silica yarn. Abrasion resistant coating for tough welding applications. Will shed molten splatter and sparks to 3000°F if used on a 15° incline or greater. Recommended for curtains, blankets and screens. Color Black. 30 MIL thick.

  • Gold Slag Shed Welding Blanket & Curtain Material

    Acrylic Coated Fiberglass

    24 oz. Durable coated fiberglass fabric to reduce fiber emission is suited for a wide range of welding applications. Ideal for blankets, curtains, screens and machine covers. Not recommended for horizontal use. Color Gold. 35 MIL thick.

  • Aluminized Fiberglass Welding Blanket & Curtain Material

    Aluminum Foil fabric is made from highly texturized silica yarn and is laminated with 0.001" Aluminum Foil. Typical applications include removable insulation pads, vapor shields and flange shields. Resists most acids, alkalies and solvents, with the exception of hydrofluoric acid and corrosive environments at elevated temperatures. 35 MIL thick.

  • CH Grade Silica Welding Blanket & Curtain Material

    CH Grade Silica is the preferred choice in the protection of equipment and personnel in high temperature applications. These are two satin weave silica fabrics from which to choose that can withstand molten metal temperatures and offer protection at continuous temperatures up to 1800ºF (1000ºC). All fabrics can be used or fabricated as welding drop cloths, stress relief blankets, protective screens/covers, furnace curtains, insulation mats and cable tray wraps. It depends upon the weight/thickness/strength factors as to the fabric that is the best cost effective choice. CH Grade fabric meets Military Specs MIL-C-24576A and MIL-I-24244C upon request. Roll length: 50 yds. Roll Width: 36".

  • Altex 400 Fiberglass Based Welding Blanket & Curtain Material

    A woven lightweight fabric of an Aramid fiber blend over a fiberglass core yarn. Applications include safety clothing, curtains, heat shields, filtration cloth, and rubberized hose. Resistant to reflective heat sources. Offers good thermal protection for safety garments. Base Fabric: Aramid/Fiberglass. Color: Yellow. Roll Length: 50 yards.

  • Plus Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass Welding Blanket & Curtain Material

    These fabrics are made from highly texturized amorphous silica yarn and have a proprietary high temperature treatment. Typical applications include high temperature expansion joints, curtains, blankets and drop cloths for medium to heavy industrial applications, flue ducts, turbine insulations and gasketing. Typical industries include thermal and nuclear power plants, refineries and petro-chemical industries, filtration, steel, aluminum, copper and other basic metal industries, turbine insulation, heating treating, stress relieving, automotive and industrial maintenance. Resists most acids, alkalies and solvents, with the exception of hydrofluoric acid and corrosive environments at elevated temperatures. Standard Width: 40" - 60". Roll Length: 40" - 60".

  • Glass Fiber Mat Welding Blanket & Curtain Material

    60" White 100% Virgin Glass Fiber

    Mauritzon glass mat is comprised of an assortment of long glass fibers mechanically formed into a uniform blanket. Fiber used is 100% virgin glass fiber.

    Typical applications are high temperature matting for insulation pads and expansion joints. Offers good thermal protection and sound suppression. Industries are power generation, petro-chemical, shipbuilding, mining, metal refining and other high temperature industrial applications. Recommended for temperatures up to 1200°F.

    Resists to most chemicals with the exception of hydrofluoric and hot phosphoric acid and wet hydrogen chloride. Excellent solvent, sunlight and age resistance.

    APPROVALS/CERTIFICATIONS: MIL-1-24244, USCG 164.009, NRC 1.36, UL Reference (0 Flame Spread, 0 Smoke) ASTM-C-1086-88.

  • Braided Tubings

    Mauritzon offers a broad selection of tapes, ropes and tubing to solve your special insulation problems. Materials provide service temperatures to 1800°F. Select the product that best suits your needs from the following:

    FIBERGLASS: Fiberglass material with service to 1000°F. Good physical strength. Resists oil,acids and moisture. Also available with pressure sensitive back (PSA).

    ALTEX 400: Aramid blend material with service to 650°F. Excellent strength and abrasion resistance. Very flexible with little stretching. Offers good chemical and mildew resistance and is unaffected or only slightly weakened by most acids and alkali solutions.

    SILICA: Highest thermal characteristics. Service temperature to 1800°F with excursions to 3000°F. NOT recommended in highly abrasive environments. Good flexibility and resistance to moisture, oils and acids.

    Note: vermiculite and silicone coatings are available. Contact us for ordering information.