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Mauritzon, Inc.
  • Ratchet Buckles

    Ancra Ratchet Buckles are available in one- or three-piece standard- or long-handled versions, and a variety of webbing widths and thicknesses. When closed, the ratchet handle locks the latch into the sprocket to prevent inadvertent release. The handle cross-pin interlocks with the frame, maintaining a low-profile design and reinforcing assembly durability. A removable rear bolt allows for in-field conversion or repairs.

  • 1 inch Overcenter Buckles (A-42816-18)

    Ancra Overcenter Buckles have one-piece steel frame construction for simple, efficient use. When attached to the strap, the webbing provides a pad between the buckle and the secured cargo.

  • 1 inch Cam Buckles (A-41030-12)

    A one-piece frame design lengthens the service life of Ancra Cam Buckles. Quick and easy operation consists of simply pulling the handhold.

  • Roller Buckles (A-41645-10)

    A simple slide bar adjuster buckle for light-duty applications.

  • 3-Bar Slide Adjusters (A-49834-10)

    This adjuster is designed to be used for adjustment of strap lengths only, not for tensioning.

  • 1 in. Narrow Hook (A-40316-12)

    Ancra hooks, rings and loops are made to last. With heat treatment and corrosion-resistant plating or vinyl-coating this quality attachment hardware is strong and durable.

    Along with exceptional quality, Mauritzon's broad line of webbing gives you a range of choices to match your application. Custom-made according to our strict specifications, Mauritzon's webbing is treated for extra strength hand durability, offering additional flexibility and ease of use.

    All our products and components are fully tested to meet our exacting standards