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Mauritzon, Inc.
  • Egg Crate Louvers

    Our egg crate is injection molded in a single piece for added strength and designed with ship-lap fit (single wall thickness) for a uniform appearance when panels are joined. They install easily under fluorescent fixtures and provide good shading.

  • Square and Round Galvanized Awning Frame Tubings

    Mauritzon, Inc. is now supplying GATORSHIELD® Steel Tubing and GATORSTITCH® (for staple-in frames). Gatorshield® galvanized steel tubing outperforms aluminum. It is stronger, costs less, fabricates more easily, and has a greater load-carrying capacity, while retaining its attractive smooth, shiny surface. Its superior strength is the key to its advantage of aluminum, yielding greater structural integrity and requiring greater structural integrity and requiring fewer linear feet of material per structure. In turn, this translates into longer life and lower costs for outdoor structures. Mauritzon will also stock solid steel rod with Electro Plate Finish, which will not flake or chip. All sizes and lengths available. Aluminum molding is available in 45º (555) and 90º (777) and also 1" aluminum "T" and "L" shaped connectors. 20' lengths standard put-up. Bundle sizes vary.

  • Galvanized Awning Z-Brackets
  • Acrylic Awning Braids

    100% solution dyed, acrylic braid for binding the bottom edge of the awning valance.

  • Polyester Awning Cords
  • SunStop® UVR Polyester Marine, Canvas, Awning & Tent Threads

    Advanced UVR Protection against fade and degradation specifically engineered for the outdoor markets. Available in the top 16 Sunbrella® colors, SunStop is uniquely formulated to outperform other threads in its class with advanced protection against degradation and fade. Also, improves strength retention. SunStop is made with a non-wick finish to minimize migration of moisture along the stitch line of a seam being sewn on a UV resistant product.

  • Acrylic Binding & Bias

    100% Solution Dyed Acrylic

  • CaMillion Fabric Inserts

    What is the CaMillion Fabric Insert?
    A hollow round PVC cord that is automatedly adhered it to today’s top selling awning fabrics.

    Since the CaMillion is covered with the same fabric that is stapled on the main body of the awning, you get a perfect color and texture match every time!

    Just like a real Chameleon!